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“I am really impressed with the efficient and excellent customer service provided by Eastside Electrical and wonder why I have never used them before. Tina is fantastic and listens to my problem attentively and takes care of my problems in a jiffy. 

Last Sunday I noticed the freezer of my fridge was not working and all my stuff inside was defrosted. On Monday, I rung up all appliance repairers and their receptionists were quick to say they couldn’t send their technicians before Wednesday/Thursday but Tina of Eastside Electrical listened and said she would squeeze in a service technician somehow along with a loan fridge for Monday. Within an hour, Tim, the service technician was in with a loan fridge and my problems just disappeared just as I was contemplating to go out and buy a new fridge. May God bless both of you!! I highly recommend Eastside Electrical for any appliance repairs or electrical needs.”


“I have so many dealings with the team of Eastside electrical over the past two years and i cant say enough about the service and the staff for all there help and advice. My main contact has been Tina firstly and she has had so much patience with my problems. Will continue to deal with them when the need arises. Thanks. ”

Jan Owhata

As you are aware, we had a service call from one of your electricians last week. That was a busy and somewhat stressful time for us and was just prior to our home going on the market.
We also had another of your technicians visit to our house to undertake various jobs for us during May/June of last year.

On both occasions we were impressed with the staff’s professionalism and their friendly manner. There was a young man who showed an easy willingness to assist with all manner of minor issues we needed resolved before marketing our property.

Both of your technicians were a pleasure to have in our home and this letter is to commend you on your selection of staff. All too often these days tradesmen that visit are clearly not happy in their work and it is a relief when they leave.

On both occasions of your staff visiting our home, Ian and I have commented very positively on the experience.

Cynthia Clayton

“Almost nine years ago and soon after my husband had died I had a problem with an old fluorescent light fixture. We had never employed an electrician; I didn’t know who to call. My friend said the best person he knew was John Lickfold. That’s how our relationship began. Since then Eastside Electrical has done major rewiring in our house and also small things like installing a new ceiling fan, where John went out of his way to find one that suited our timber lined house.

John was always thoughtful, considerate, completely reliable, and smiling. Besides that he was smart. A while ago we were making our lunch and put a piece of bread in the toaster. The power went out in the kitchen. Whoaa! I called John on his mobile and he said: “Was the bread frozen?” Yes it was, and a little bit of frost had caused the problem. Don’t worry, he said, just close the breaker again and use the toaster. How did he know that?


Delight Gartlein

About Us

We are electrical champions and our professionalism and expert workmanship have made us popular to boot. A big feather in our electrical cap was being ranked number 2 in the top 25 most popular home improvement services for the 2017 HomeImprovement2day NZ (we ranked no.1 in 2016!)

We are pretty proud to have made such a valuable contribution to electrical contracting in the Rotorua region – and that our customers’ great user experiences have been recognised.
One of our clients said he wondered why he hadn’t used us before. We listened to his urgent problem, made quick adjustments to our work schedule and were on the scene in a jiffy complete with a replacement appliance on loan while his was fixed.

We were certainly heroes for this grateful customer and going to the nth degree is our core ethos for all electrical services; residential, commercial, industrial and rural.

We are genuinely trusted by those who know us; we offer sensible advice and practical problem solving and our 24-hour, seven days a week service is a reassurance to you that we can get the job done when you need it.

Eastside Electrical are there when you really need us.

Our promise is to be extraordinarily helpful.

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684 Te Ngae Road,
Rotorua 3010


07-345 3885

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